In 'Doorbells and Gunshots' is anything as it seems?

The Characters


Beethoven, Bach, books and above all beauty. This is the world Harvey inhabits. A world he has carefully constructed to cocoon himself in where he can live his ordered, delicate life. But does Harvey's pursuit for beauty come from a darker place? Perhaps an attempt to mask an ugliness that must be hidden from the world?



Young, coarse and with a foul mouth to match his motor mouth, Matty is the cock of the walk who's only got time for Johnny Cash. But is Matty's tough street kid image anything more than that? When the time comes he'll be the first to find out if he really is the bad boy or really just a lost boy?


What if James Bond walked on the dark side? Meet Damian. Dapper, deadly and as dastardly as Dan! Damian will kill you soon as look at you. Providing the price is right. But is he as cold and callous as he makes out? Or is he protecting a heart that could get or maybe has been broken?

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